Cookies with CoderBunnyz - Jill Bourne

Jill Bourne, City Libraries, San Jose (Director)

Cookies with CoderBunnyz - Dada Nabhaniilananda - The Monk Dude

 Dada - The Monk Dude -  Meditation and Spiritual Guru

Ananda Marga Meditation & Yoga Society 

Cookies with CoderBunnyz - Lisa Kaufman
Energy, Optimism, and Tenacity
In Conversation with Lisa Kaufman, Executive Director Educare Silicon Valley.

Lisa Kaufman - Cookies with CoderBunnyz Interview


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"Cookies with CoderBunnyz", is an interview series and talk show by CoderBunnyz. Kids need to learn a lot on their journey to become an amazing adult, from those who have been there. In this series, I ask simple questions to Entrepreneurs, Educators, Leaders, Librarians, Technologists and Individuals, who are making an impact. Kids could learn a lot from their experience. Not only I learn a lot myself, I try to work as a conduit for conveying that message for kids through these series of interviews. If you would like to nominate someone that could help shape kids of the future, I will be glad to talk to them. Please send a mail to [email protected]

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