Easter bunnyCoderBunnyz Educational Kit and Board Game Now Available

Santa Clara, CA May 2017 CoderBunnyz is very pleased to announce the soft launch of our game kit CoderBunnyz. Our goal is to empower girls and boys to learn code and become leaders in tech.

From loops to functions to conditionals to inheritance to stacks to queues to parallelism to lists to debugging to algorithm writing - this game kit is filled with 13 exciting levels of programming fun. These concepts are used in all programming languages be it Java, Python, C++ or Ruby.

From a concept to the soft launch it took a lot of support from ALL of you. Our team hearts are full of gratitude.  Initially, CoderBunnyz is available at an introductory price. For more details on how to order your kit and pricing, please visit the home page. 

CoderBunnyz program could be easily adapted at coding schools, home schools, workshops or school programs.

* Kids (all ages 4-104!) can learn at home
* STEM Labs or classroom instruction
* Technology camps
* Gifted Programs
* Tutoring
* Montessori
* After school program
* Workshops Maker space / Hacker space events
* Clubs such as Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts and more

Helper Bunny (Program facilitator, teacher or a lead student) could help with few simple steps. With 5 games it could cover a class of 20. Here is a breakdown on how the lab would look like

* Setup the game - 5 minutes
* Explain the rules and setup maze - 10 min
* Play the game - 10-20 mins
* Write the algorithm - 10 mins
* The next lab sessions could use different maze or levels.

CoderBunnyz has been conducting free workshops for kids in the community. The GirlUCode program from CoderBunnyz does workshops for underprivileged girls in the community.

Additionally, CoderBunnyz has been presenting at the various speaker and women in tech events, including CMG IMPACT, SheConomy(Presented by Silicon Valley Forum and Microsoft), OpenSV and APINXT Tech Summit.

Cookies with CoderBunnyz is another new interview series and talk show by CoderBunnyz.

CoderBunnyz is pleased to be able to bring all this to the community and help empower kids to become leaders in tech. You may visit us at http://www.coderbunnyz.com or reach us out at [email protected]