Today’s CoderBunnyz STEM workshop at Santa Clara Library was THE BEST! library1I can’t believe the energy in the room!  It was so awesome!  Normally, there would be one parent at each table helping the kids with the game. Today, ALL of the parents wanted to be involved!  There were 15 parents playing with 20 kids!  It was amazing! I was observing one table and everyone cheered for a little boy who figured out his next move (I think he was about 5 years old). The whole table cheered for him! I told one of the moms that it was so great that everyone was cheering for him, and she said, “Well, we’re into the game as much as they are!” It makes for such a meaningful experience when parents are connecting with their children, encouraging them, and learning with them.  Everyone wins with this program. Here is an 8 year old, presenting like an adult but bringing that youthful enthusiasm to the program. It’s such a treat to see her shine. Parents are always engaged by her, and the kids feel like she’s another classmate. She provides a great atmosphere for learning.  Looking forward to the next program!   - Erin Ulrich, Library Program Co-ordinator Youth and Extension Services, City of Santa Clara, #SuperBowl50 City

KarinWhat a fun and educational program! library1We had our first CoderBunnyz event at the Mountain View Library last Saturday. The full house of kids had fun playing the game and many of the parents jumped right in to help. At this age, Samaira is the most impressive young girl! She conducted the game play training all by herself and walked around to each group several times to answer questions and offer guidance. At the end, players were invited to record the algorithm of their play. There was a way to do it simply (for the younger kids) and to write it out for the older ones. The game teaches the beginning skills of coding including vocabulary, offers levels of play so repeat players can advance. Samaira was inspiring as she showed everyone that even a very young coding enthusiast can make her dream a reality with very supportive parents a key ingredient in the recipe.     - Karin Bricker, Library Manager Youth and Outreach Services, City of Mountain View Public Library


STEMI am part of a library, how do I create a STEM corner?

Find a small area in the youth/children's section of the library, start with few maker projects, some puzzles, board games that teach STEM, coding and you are all set. The key here are these should be easy to play, easy to clean and in most cases require no external help. Real estate in the library is a premium, no problem. Set up a shelf near a wall in kids section with the tools. Wasn't that easy?

I want a STEM corner in my local library, what do I do?

Valid question.Request your youth coordinator in the library and explain them the value of STEM corners.

Can I have the STEM tools for circulation?

Yes, some of the STEM tools could be part of the circulation. Books, DVDs and STEM tools, why not?

I love the concepts, STEM Corners, but could you provide more information?

Yes, please send us a note and we could provide you more information and consultation.

Libraries STEM Corner are a great place for access to STEM to everyone. Contact [email protected] for more details about how you could set up a STEM Corner in a library near you.