Free CoderBunnyz Coding Curriculum

Introduction - Coding Concept/Lesson - Read this First
     Lesson 1:      Learning Sequence
     Lesson 2:      Learning Branch, Jump ( ), goto ( )
     Lesson 3:      Making decisions, Conditional – if ( )  then else ( )
     Lesson 4:      Fixing Errors, Bug and Debugging
     Lesson 5:      Looping with repeat, bounded loops
     Lesson 6:      Understanding Functions 
Bonus lessons (only worksheets, no Algorithm)
     Lesson A:      Introducing operations, greater, less  than. Boolean  - TRUE, FALSE
     Lesson B:      Introducing Variable, string and numeric  
     Lesson C:      Nested repeat - Loopy Loop 
 Weekly Trackers and Completion Certificate
                              Student Tracking Sheet
                             Certificate of Completion

           Solution and hints for Worksheets

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CoderBunnyz program could be easily adapted at coding schools, home schools, workshops or school programs.

* Kids (all ages 4-104!) can learn at home
* STEM Labs or classroom instruction
* Technology camps
* Gifted Programs
* Tutoring
* Montessori
* After school program
* Workshops Maker space / Hacker space events
* Clubs such as Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts and more

Helper Bunny (Program facilitator, teacher or a lead student) could help with few simple steps. With 5 games it could cover a class of 20. Here is a breakdown on how the lab would look like -

* Setup the game - 5 minutes
* Explain the rules and setup maze - 10 min
* Play the game - 10-20 mins
* Write the algorithm - 10 mins
* The next lab sessions could use different maze or levels.

I am amazed at a lot of interest in my Lab program. Contact [email protected] for more details about questions on curriculum and program details



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