My Mission

To get young kids excited about coding in a really fun way!
- Samaira,  Founder


Introducing CoderBunnyz - An amazingly fun way to master programming concepts while playing a family board game.


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CoderBunnyz Awards and Recognition


MRStanford.jpg (320×400)WOW!  What an incredible game!  As Samaira's principal at Millikin School, I have been watching her for some time and marveling at her creativity and ingenuity.  CoderBunnyz board game is a great example of Samaira's ability to combine her intellect and creativity in a fun way that also results in entrepreneurship with future applications in the work world.  Great job, Samaira!  I'm so proud of you!   - Dr. Melba Rhodes-Stanford,  Principal,  Millikin School, 2000- May' 2015


Ashutosh (Ashu) GargThis looks like a phenomenal idea.The ability to code computer programs is an important part of literacy in today’s society. I'm very impressed with the creativity she has shown by incorporating real life places like school, park, carnival, zoo which kids love to go. When people learn to code in this game, they learn important strategies for  solving problems and creativity.   - Ashutosh (Ashu) Garg, CTO & CoFounder BloomReach


Santa Clara County Board of Supervisor Dave Cortese!


Nick BrumentIf you want to get a job done today or in 10 years, you will need to know how to write code. This game introduces young kids to important programming concepts. It is fun and full of great ideas. I just love it.     - Nick Brument, Coder, Software Geek, Dad to 4 year old.

Chon VoI played the game with my 8 year old daughter.The game is amazing because it can change according to kids ability 
and interest. It's very fluid, the way programming should be. Great work by a 2nd grader!      - Chon Vo ,MIT,  Co-Founder at

With San Jose council member, Ash Kalra!Samaira_w_Ash_Kalra


IMG_7016 WorkShops at Google HQ

Today’s CoderBunnyz STEM workshop at Santa Clara Library was THE BEST! library1I can’t believe the energy in the room!  It was so awesome!  Normally, there would be one parent at each table helping the kids with the game. Today, ALL of the parents wanted to be involved!  There were 15 parents playing with 20 kids!  It was amazing! I was observing one table and everyone cheered for a little boy who figured out his next move (I think he was about 5 years old). The whole table cheered for him! I told one of the moms that it was so great that everyone was cheering for him, and she said, “Well, we’re into the game as much as they are!” It makes for such a meaningful experience when parents are connecting with their children, encouraging them, and learning with them.  Everyone wins with this program. Here is an 8 year old, presenting like an adult but bringing that youthful enthusiasm to the program. It’s such a treat to see her shine. Parents are always engaged by her, and the kids feel like she’s another classmate. She provides a great atmosphere for learning.  Looking forward to the next program!   - Erin Ulrich, Library Program Co-ordinator Youth and Extension Services, City of Santa Clara, #SuperBowl50 City

KarinWhat a fun and educational program! library1We had our first CoderBunnyz event at the Mountain View Library last Saturday. The full house of kids had fun playing the game and many of the parents jumped right in to help. At this age, Samaira is the most impressive young girl! She conducted the game play training all by herself and walked around to each group several times to answer questions and offer guidance. At the end, players were invited to record the algorithm of their play. There was a way to do it simply (for the younger kids) and to write it out for the older ones. The game teaches the beginning skills of coding including vocabulary, offers levels of play so repeat players can advance. Samaira was inspiring as she showed everyone that even a very young coding enthusiast can make her dream a reality with very supportive parents a key ingredient in the recipe.     - Karin Bricker, Library Manager Youth and Outreach Services, City of Mountain View Public Library

sbI’ve learschoolned about Samaira’s CoderBunnyz from Santa Clara library and was totally impressed by such a big achievement of such a young girl! Since we’re organizing the annual math festival at my daughter’s elementary school in January I thought it will be an inspiring experience for the kids to have a young speaker for the first time in the history of the festival. I’ve contacted her family by email and they graciously accepted our invitation! Samaira talked to a full house of elementary kids and parents, and answered so many curious questions without any hesitation, she was a true inspiration for so many kids! I hope she enjoyed our festival too and wish her more playful coding adventures!  -Sinziana Berevoescu, Panda Math Festival,Stocklmeir Elementary School, Sunnyvale


My Story
Hello World!! I am Samaira, I go to Millikin Elementary School in Silicon Valley, California. I love to play board games. I am going to tell you the story about how I got the idea of Coderbunnyz, that helps young kids learn programming concepts in a fun way. This is early summer of 2015. I still remember that weekend when I played several board games with my parents but when they got tired, I went to the laptop to do some coding. Immediately in my mind I thought today was a fun day, I did two of my favorite things, board game and coding. How fun it would be to have a board game which has coding concepts in it? This is where the journey started. I blended my favorite animal bunny and comes the name of the game… CoderBunnyz! Being young, I needed help from my parents to make the concept a reality. Internet is just amazing, you could get in touch with people halfway around the world. Some amazing graphic designers from Iowa, Ohio and New Zealand helped bring life to my ideas and rough sketches.And here I am with the prototype of my first coding game!CoderBunnyz_cut_Dec 2015 165_REAL_1Besides being a founder at, I am a song writer, a singer, a swimmer, an ice skater and an origami enthusiast. In addition to song covers, I am starting to write and sing my own songs. My debut self written motivational song “Don’t Give up!” is now available and the other one “We are the Coderbunnyz” is in the final stages of being touched up with background music and will be available soon.  Oh...  and Yes, I love to dance on B(&H)ollywood songs too!! 

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